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I like sleeping, food, A Day To Remember, Tumblr and Regina Spektor. I'm not trying to be something I'm not anymore. This is me. I'm done with disguises.

Counter for the Craigslist
Anonymous said: Hey, you seemed depressed lately. Cheer up! :)

No. There will be no happiness. Ever.


Matt and I.
Anonymous said: topless tuesday

mneh, maybe next week.

daahnelle said: you are really pretty and I miss having fun times with you.

Nawh Danelle, never fear, we will have enough fun times on Saturday evening to last until the next fun concert we are both attending :D

Matt and I.

my friend

on one of my sadder days
halcyonyearsxo said: Hi, I'm sure you get this a lot, but you're so pretty :3

Awh thanks so much!! :3 Youre lovely ♥

ilovetoridemybicycle12-deactiva said: 5. Do you chew staws?

If I was drinking a drink with a straw and was required to do some thinking.. then yes.

lighterssup said: follow me = follow you ?

mmmokay. ^this chick.


aaaaaaaand now to wait for my ride….

we made our own costumes. the epic women we are.